Cheyne Curry



Cheyne Curry is a founding member and co-owner of MP GRRLZ PRODUCTIONS, LLC.  As a novelist, publisher (Bossy Pants Books, LLC) and screenwriter, Cheyne is our company’s creative driving force.  Her dueling passions, writing and performing have lead her to embrace the inevitable, she was born to be a filmmaker.

Cheyne Curry was a very accommodating baby, born on "Labor Day" many, many years ago (six weeks early...she was impatient even back then) in a small town in Vermont. She was raised in various places around New York, and at seventeen, she toured with a production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” for three years. Following that stint, she did professional theater in Rochester, NY and worked at various odd jobs to make ends meet until she walked into a recruiter’s office in 1977.

Cheyne became a MP when she enlisted in the Army and was transformed into a military police officer.

Cheyne has always written, starting with a sequel to “A Cricket In Times Square”, when she was 10. She graciously gave it to her teacher to file in her elementary school library. She wrote her first novel length story at 15 and hasn’t stopped. She began writing television and movie scripts at 25, actually having a script optioned by the producers of “Cagney & Lacey” before the last season. The subject matter dealt with Christine Cagney facing her own ambiguous sexuality after finding out a co-worker is a lesbian. Unfortunately, the series ended before the script was developed and filmed.

in 2008, Cheyne won an award for best short story in an international writing contest. The short story was “Requiem” and it inspired the screenplay for our short film,  Survived by...  produced by our former company: 3 Grunts Productions, LLC. Survived by... was an shown during the inaugural weekend of the CNKY Film Festival.


Cheyne Curry and director Tj Cooley celebrating with the  creative forces behind the CNKY Film Festival

Cheyne Curry and director Tj Cooley celebrating with the  creative forces behind the CNKY Film Festival

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Brenda Barton is a founding member of MP GRRLZ PRODUCTIONS, LLC and the producer on all the films we made as 3 Grunts Productions, LLC. Brenda has nurtured the dream of being a part of the film/video production industry since she was a child. Advances in technology have made it possible for her to realize that dream. As the producer in a tiny production company, she has to wear numerous hats, but what small business owner doesn't?   

Brenda  officially became a MP when she joined the Army in 1983. After fulfilling her term of enlistment, Brenda became an employee of the United State Postal Service in 1987. In 2016 Brenda retired from the USPS and began the adventure of being a full time partner in this small business. 

Photo by Aimee Dutton Photography