What would you do if one minute you were in the 21st century and the next you were in the 19th? One day you're driving a Mustang and the next day you're riding one? Dirty cop Trace Sheridan faces this dilemma as she moves from a present day mob war to a range war over a hundred years in the past, not remembering how she got there. The year is 1879, when cattle barons, crooked lawmen, saloons, painted ladies, cowboys and Indians ruled the Wild West, and laws were only as strong as the gunman who upheld them. In Sagebrush, the town and the sheriff belong to the Cranes, who take what they want or bad things happen. Trace finds this out firsthand when she ends up on the land of Rachel Young, a struggling ranch woman who won't give in to the merciless cattle baron and his obsessed son. For some unexplainable reason, Rachel trusts the enigmatic Trace who uses 21st century sensibilities to battle 19th century turmoil, while Trace is forced to keep the secret of her origin from the attractive and vulnerable Rachel. Renegade is a story of redemption in its purest form as Trace discovers what truly matters in life and how past really is prologue.


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Tia Ramone is an ex-CIA operative who seeks absolution in a bottle. Her once sharp and masterful survival instincts have deteriorated badly. Tia’s life, previously defined by the professionalism of her job, now is little more than one drunken indiscretion after another. Her complacency is tested when she is forced into a situation with an innocent woman who may now have to suffer the ultimate consequences of Tia's poor choices.

Jody Montgomery, heiress to a vast fortune, has led a sheltered life. Much to her mother’s dismay, Jody prefers tending to homeless animals and performing other charity work rather than reveling in the social spotlight. She and her handsome husband, Anthony, a successful businessman, seem to be the perfect couple.

Anthony, however, is not what he appears to be. When his father-in-law threatens Anthony’s livelihood, Anthony takes drastic measures to keep his illicit enterprise flourishing.

Tia’s self-destructive behavior, Jody’s lack of guile, and Anthony’s greed bring Tia and Jody together in an unsavory game of cat and mouse. Their ultimate clandestine meeting might prove to be the defining moment of both their lives.




trop•ic (ˈträ-pik) n. The turning-point; a solstitial point.

Hunter Roberge's mother disowned her and kicked her out of the house at the age of eighteen. Betrayed and emotionally devastated, Hunter escaped Otter Falls, Vermont, on a bus and started life anew on the west coast. Sixteen years later, her mother dies and inexplicably leaves her estate to Hunter rather than her sons. 

Hunter’s two brothers are confused and angered by the bequeathing and Hunter is forced to deal with unresolved family dynamics. Amidst this turmoil, a chance meeting with a childhood acquaintance results in unexpected romance. 

Hunter soon discovers that her mother's disposition of her estate is not the only mystery. A series of events reveals long-buried secrets that bring her to a point of questioning what she believes to be true, and this becomes the tropic of Hunter.






The power flickers, the ground shudders and when the backup system kicks in, Lieutenant Jessica Baumer and Staff Sergeant Branna Maguire do a routine equipment analysis and check the exterior surveillance cameras, where they see an unspeakable horror. Somehow, someway, without warning, the world as they know it has ended.

Originally used as ‘lab rats’ for an isolation experiment they are in their subterranean data center at Fort Hood, expecting another “normal” exercise. It becomes anything but.

There is little information available, which leads to many questions and no satisfactory answers. What happened and, more importantly, are there other survivors?

When the air begins to clear, Baumer and Maguire set off on a journey to one of the few areas of the country rumored to be less devastated by the attack. Their mission is to reach sanctuary, a safe compound and shelter run by a woman who has been preparing for a catastrophic event for years.

The law and order of modern day civilization has ceased to exist and the situation has become where only the strong and clever will make it to another day. Others join the two soldiers along the way; some are skilled, some are in need of rescue and others, who will stop at nothing to be masters of this new world order.

Do Baumer and Maguire, even with their military training, have the capability and fortitude to make it to sanctuary? And, if so, what will they find when they get there? Will it be the hope for civilization and America’s future?

Or is this really The End?