5 OCTOBER 2013


As 3 Grunts Productions, LLC, we were thrilled to be featured in the October 2013 issue of  LESBIAN NEWS  Thank you, Nat Burns

We had previewed a rough cut of Survived by... at the Golden Crown Literary Society conference. Nat was very interested in our film project, because there's nothing like two fledgling filmmakers jumping into the deep end of the pool with our very first narrative project.  

In our interview Spelling Out the Acronyms-Cheyne Curry and Brenda Barton take DADT DOMA LGBTQ via RAOB and GCLS, all the way to CNKY, we share our journey.    

If you found us through the link in the magazine article, thanks for visiting! 

14 February 2018

We’re filming a new short this Presidents Day holiday weekend and we couldn’t be more excited about our cast and crew. Updates and pictures to follow.